Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 09 – 14 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Christian Voter Guide for 2020 election.

Here’s my Facebook post detailing the ACTUAL timeline of Trump’s actions regarding Coronavirus.

BLM rioters attack police station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after police shoot and kill a black man charging at them with a knife.

BLM protesters block access to hospital where 2 sheriff’s deputies were in surgery after being gunned down, and yelled “I hope they die”.

Brett Baier exposes Joe Biden Campaign’s unwillingness to answer simple yes or no questions.

CNN’s Jake Tapper lets Biden get away with falsely claiming Trump did not try to send the U.S. into China early on to help with COVID-19.

3 Federal judges rule that illegal aliens must be counted in Congressional Apportionment.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Colin Kaepernick actually nominated to the National Football Hall of Fame.

Florida back man gets detained, released, then offered job as a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Guest Interview: Matthew Dominguez to discuss his book “Inklings on Philosophy and Worldview: A New Way of Learning About Our Connections to Truth and Reality”.

Guest Interview: Richard E. Simmons III to discuss his book “Reflections on the Existence of God: A Series of Essays”.

Guest Interview: Pastor Todd Lamphere, Chief of Staff to Paula White, serving as the head of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Board to discuss 2 upcoming events for metro Detroit on Faith and the Election.  

Other Issues Discussed….

Cancel Netflix” trends after release of child soft-porn movie “Cuties”.

Senator Ted Cruz sends letter to Attorney General William Barr asking for investigation into Netflix for “Cuties”.

Movieguide Christian Movie Review of “Cuties”.

Secular and liberal movie reviewers defending and even praising “Cuties”.

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  1. I would like more information about the 2 upcoming Faith, Political, events. I was driving when I heard some of it. Had hoped t o find more here.
    Thank you. Text answers might be good. I do not have a smart phone. Have Bible Study in the AM then take a neighbor to her dentist apt.
    I’d REALLY like to share in the 9 to 10:30 AM Bible Study. 574, 527, 6182. ( I AM in MI, not IN.)
    With Jesus’ love,
    Gay Long

  2. Hello… I searched for the name of the book/author of a book discussed today. It was about recognizing the antichrist. Is it possible to forward the title of the book to me? Thank you.

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