Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 09 – 24 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Christian Voter Guide for 2020 election.

Here’s my Facebook post detailing the ACTUAL timeline of Trump’s actions regarding Coronavirus.

Liberals boo and chant “vote him out” during solemn moment of Trump paying respects at coffin of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I discussed and detailed the events surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor and the Grand Jury decision not to bring murder charges against the cops.

Detailed explanation of why police had a legitimate reason for search warrant on Breonna Taylor’s apartment.

Ex-Washington D.C. detective says it will be hard to prove charges against Louisville former cop.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Guest interview: Brad Smith with Michigan Right to Life to discuss the election, the Supreme Court and the future of abortion.

Guest Interview: Pastor Pete Greig, founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement to discuss his book “God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer” (Revised)

Other Issues Discussed…..

We had another installment of the Pastors Round Table, discussing faith, politics and the election with Pastors Jack Hibbs, Ken Hampton, Jeff Noble, Ellis Smith and Kent Clark.

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  1. The FB post that you did on the time line of Trumps reaction to the corona virus an d also included some responses by Fauci used to be on your website.i thought I remembered reading it before. However, I cannot find it now and i would like to print a few copies to share with some people I know that would like the truth on that. Unfortunately, i don’t know how to do it on FB and how to cope and paste or whatever. i would like a copy to print off. s it possible to make that available in print form on your website? i would appreciate it. Thank you.

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