Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 09 – 30 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Christian Voter Guide for 2020 election.

Here’s my Facebook post detailing the ACTUAL timeline of Trump’s actions regarding Coronavirus.

I spent a long time detailing and analyzing all aspects of last night’s presidential debate.

Editorial argument claiming Trump won:

Editorial argument claiming Trump lost.

Trump announces he’s signing an Executive Order to require medical attention be provided to babies born alive after an abortion attempt.

Media Research Analysis: Network news was way harsher on Hillary in 2016 than Biden in 2020….and way, way, WAY harsher on Trump than both of them combined.

Trump’s “4-Tier” path to Electoral College victory looking better.

Director of National Intelligence reveals that in 2016, Hillary was referred to the FBI for investigation….for approving a campaign strategy to falsely accuse Trump of Russian collusion.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Guest interview: Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List to discuss her book “Life id Winning: Inside the Fight for Unborn Children and Their Mothers”.  

Guest Interview: U.S. Congressional candidate Eric Esshaki to discuss his race for Michigan’s 11th U.S. Congressional District.

Guest Interview: Professor of Communications Dr. Quentin J. Schultze to discuss his book “Communicating With Grace and Virtue: Learning to Listen, Speak, Text and Interact as a Christian”.

Open Line Topic: we discussed and debated last night’s presidential debate.

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