Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 09 – 13 – 21

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Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

Todd Beamer’s dad discusses his son’s “Let’s Roll” moment from 9-11 and his

Christian faith.

Taliban raises flag over Afghanistan presidential palace on 9-11.

Taliban paints over George Floyd mural.

Pelosi and Democrats continue partisan January 6th investigation, but refuse to do an

Afghanistan disaster investigation.

Flashback: Video montage of Pelosi, Kamala, Fauci and Biden all assuring us that there would be no vaccine mandates.

Members of Congress and staff are exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Spectrum Health workers allowed to use natural immunity in place of vaccine mandate.

NY hospital forced to pause delivering babies because of maternity ward resignations over vaccine mandate.

On CNN, Fauci says he “can’t give a firm answer” regarding study confirming natural immunity being stronger than vaccine immunity.

Ontario, Canada requiring vaccine proof to enter businesses.

Biden Administration orders Kellyanne Conway and other Trump appointed Military Advisory Board members to resign or be fired.

Kellyanne Conway letter to Joe Biden, calling on him to resign.

Joe Biden tells audience after speech “Now I’m supposed to stop and walk out of the room”.

Newt Gingrich op-ed on how Joe Biden has failed.

Op-ed on how Joe Biden has become more cold and cruel in his old age.

LA Times downplays gorilla mask attack on Larry Elders.

Man freed by Kamala Harris promoted bail fund….now charged with murder.

Report: Wisconsin lost track of 82,000 ballots. (Trump lost by 20,000)

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Linda Hultin Winn to discuss her book “The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home”, about her mom slowly dying with her walking by her side through the whole time.

Guest Interview: Elizabeth Johnston to discuss her children’s book “Little Lives Matter”, which teaches children to respect and value unborn life.

Other Issues discussed…..

ELCA installs first ever transgender overseeing Bishop.

I discussed what the Bible has to say about transgenderism as well.