Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 01 – 31 – 22

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Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

Joe Rogan responds to Neil Young censorship demands on Spotify.

Nova Scotia, Canada outlawed Freedom Convoy supports from lining the road as they went by.

North Carolina man denied life-saving kidney transplant because he won’t get vaccinated.

Border Patrol Agents openly vent frustration with Biden Administration over border policies.

26 year-old transgender child molesting man given 2 years in juvenile girls facility.

Just one year after Trump is gone…..ISIS is back.

North Korea back to test-firing missiles now that Trump’s gone.

ABC News Poll: 76% (+ 54% of Democrats) say it’s wrong for Biden to consider only black women for SCOTUS.

5 Senate Democrats voted against a black female judge Trump nominated.

Oh, and a black female SCOTUS nominee from Bush was filibustered and blocked twice by…..Senator Joe Biden.

Op-ed debunking the myths of socialism.

UPenn females swimmers reportedly uncomfortable sharing locker rooms/showers with transgender swimmer that has “male body parts”.

California mom sues school district for teachers secretly convincing her daughter to think she’s transgender.

Chicago Public Schools instructing teachers to keep children gender-confusion a secret from the parents.

Taxpayer funded Columbia University Study pays 13 year-olds to discuss their homosexual relationships without telling their parents.

Louisville, KY police officer suspended for praying off duty at an abortion clinic receives $75,000 settlement from the city.

Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan and empowering the Taliban has caused Afghanistan to

Overtake North Korea as the most dangerous place to be a Christian.

University of New Hampshire students required to accuse someone of being “racist,

homophobic or ableist” to get college credit.

Dr. Michael Brown op-ed on the insanity of men in girls locker rooms and showers.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Former Evolutionary scientist turned Creation scientist Dr. Grady McMurtry to take calls from listeners on science and the Bible.

Other Issues Discussed….

I re-told my “bird poop” story about God’s sense of humor and showing signs.