Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 07 – 19 – 22

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Noon – 4:00 PM                                                                                                                   

First Hour – News & Politics

NYC D.A. (under pressure), drops murder charges against bodega worker acting in clear self-defense.

A bunch of anti-gun liberals are mad that the Indiana mall attempted mass-shooting was thwarted by a conceal carry holder being labeled a “Good Samaritan”.

Pulitzer Prize Board decides NOT to take back their prizes for the New York Times and Washington Post for their now debunked false reporting on Trump/Russia “Collusion”.

Democrats subpoena Secret service Agents deleted text messages from Jan 6th. 

Trump appointed Federal Judge blocks Biden’s order allowing (male) transgender athletes to compete against women and use their showers. 

Tucker Carlson op-ed about Joe Biden’s dementia. 

Texas Governor Abbott announces a 1000% increase in fentanyl seizures coming over the border since Biden took over. 

Donald Trump’s lengthy, detailed, data-filled response to the Democrats’ Jan 6th Hearings and their claim that 2020 Election Fraud has been “debunked”.

Latest research on Neanderthals are (once again) proving Creationists right and Evolutionists wrong.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Dr. John Staddon to discuss his book “Science in an Age of Unreason”.

Guest Interview: Dr. Stephen Iacoboni M.D. to discuss his book “Telos: The Scientific Basis for a Life of Purpose”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

Johns Hopkins Professor of Medicine op-ed about CDC, NIH & FDA doctors and scientists quitting because their bosses “aren’t following the science”. 

U.K. Study: COVID lockdowns drove tens of thousands of children into “Clinical Depression”.