Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 11 – 10 – 22

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Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

I discussed the latest results from Tuesday’s elections, plus examined how much of the disappointing Republican numbers were due to the issues of Trump and/or abortion.

Midterms add to growing list of LGBT Democrat Governors.

Minnesota Democrats elect first Transgender lawmaker.

Liz Peek says it’s time for GOP to turn it’s back on Trump.

If Republicans take the House, Hunter Biden Hearings could reveal a lot.

Mike Pence describes his final days with Donald Trump surrounding January 6th

It starts: New California law can children away from parents who refuse to go along with

“gender transitioning”.

Whoopi Goldberg is the latest intolerant, whiny-baby celebrity to quit Twitter now that conservatives are allowed to have a voice too.

Why Biden’s Homeland Security Chief must be impeached.

Why Biden’s Homeland Security Chief must be impeached. 

Simple question: Are we better off today than before Democrats took over? 

White House declares support for abortion throughout entire pregnancy. 

Tucker Carlson Commentary of how today’s Democrats are taking away your parental rights. 

Former Texas Governor and Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry explains how Biden has bungled U.S. Energy policy. 

Alarming facts about Hunter Biden and his Dad uncovered in the censored documentary “My son Hunter”. 

GOP Senators send letter to Mark Zuckerberg, demanding Facebook hand over communications between them and the FBI during the 2020 election.  

…..the Letter: file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/589994422-2022-08-29-CEG-RHJ-to-Facebook.pdf  

RNC releases 7-minute video compilation of Joe Biden’s racist comments over the years. 

Donald Trump’s lengthy, detailed, data-filled response to the Democrats’ Jan 6th Hearings and their claim that 2020 Election Fraud has been “debunked”.

Various Stories and Data censored from the Media and Big Tech:

Dr. Marty Makary Op-ed: 10 Biggest COVID Mistakes – Americans Deserve an Apology From the Medical Experts”.

New Cleveland Clinic medical study shows those who had COVID receive ZERO benefits from getting vaccinated. 

CDC Data showing number of deaths, hospitalizations, etc., after COVID vaccine.

M.I.T. Scientist says COVID vaccine may cause serious long term health problems.  

MIT Scientist: Covid Vaccines May Cause Diseases in ’10 to 15 years’ (Exclusive Video)

Dr. Joseph Mercola article opposing mask-wearing.

COVID – CDC – 6% vs 94%, plus age 0-19 = 99.997%, 20-49 = 99.98%, 50-69 = 99.5%, 70+ = 94.6%. News story from KRTV, Channel 3 CBS Affiliate in Great Falls, Montana.

Link to the CDC page itself:

Here is a link to all the evidence of 2020 voter fraud that the media claims doesn’t exist.

List of Trump’s accomplishments in only 4 years.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show

Guest Interview: Pastor Dan Seaborn to discuss his book “Winning at Home: Tackling the Topics That Confuse Kids and Scare Parents”.

Guest Interview: Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis to discuss his book “Kings of the East: China’s Plan to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

We discussed and debated how much the issue of abortion played into Tuesday’s election disappointment.