Hello. My name is Frank Sartor,

I am a single parent raising three children. My youngest daughter Alexis lives with me. She’s 19. I also have two boys, one is 20 his name is Joshua and the other 17 Gabriel and they presently live in Twinlake mi. I have other children but they’re grown. My daughter and I had been homeless for a while after we lost our apartment here in Ypsi right at the start of the pandemic. My two sons were with their mom in twin lake until she died in January from a stroke brought in by covid. My daughter were living where we could some times together depending on the living arrangements of this who would allow us to occupy a space until I could find a place for us both. We did this until recently when the VA and Avalon housing allowed us to live where we are now. It’s just a one bedroom but it works for us because she and I are together. My son’s are making the best of it in twin lake where I’ve been trying so hard to go visit and help them but more so just to see them. I haven’t seen them since their mom died because I don’t have a vehicle. I have arranged 3 times in the past and paid people to take us there to visit but the just took our money and we never got there. I had a ride and we made it to Brighton but his vehicle broke down so we never made it. With a vehicle I’ll be able to go visit them and help them do what they wanted their mom was trying to do and that was to ensure that Gabriel graduated from high school. They’re trying hard and that’s his mom’s dying wish for him otherwise they would be here and I want to help them succeed. I lost my truck during the pandemic along with most of our personal belongings and all our furniture a lot of which Avalon and the VA have been helping us replace but a vehicle is still so far out of reach. Especially some thing I can afford and be dependable in the highway. Twin lake is 186 miles one way. I’m disabled and my daughter is just recovering from a broken arm and thumb and she just started working and inspire of my disabilities I’m looking for work I can do to see if we can save and get a vehicle. Idk what else to do until Ms. Andrea mentioned you all and this help you all are offering. I don’t know if we meet the criteria but if we did I can even pay you all back some money monthly till I paid you all back and you could help another vet. I served six years from march 1971 till Nov 1976. Also because we don’t have a vehicle my daughter has to sleep over a friend’s house in Ann arbor so she can work and come home when she off because we have no vehicle to and from work and we live in Dexter. Inspire of my legs and hip I’ll d whatever is asked just to get a vehicle.