Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 04 – 17 – 23

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Noon – 4:00 PM

First Hour – News & Politics

At NRA Convention, Mike Pence gets booed while Donald Trump gets loud standing ovation.

CVS goes full Woke, orders employees to use preferred gender pronouns, makes bathrooms


Budweiser does damage control after disastrous transgender campaign by releasing a patriotic pro-America ad.

Now even Progressive U.K to require teachers to inform parents when students start showing signs of transgenderism, and to ban contact sports with opposite biological sex.

Disney lost $250+ Billion on just 2 homosexualized kids movies.

Ron DeSantis makes Florida the 26th state with Constitutional Carry for guns.

Global Warming Czar John Kerry defends environmentalists flying private jets to Global

Warming Summit.

Fired praying High School football coach re-instated after winning Supreme Court case.

Report: Nearly half of all “Climate Change” companies had their accounts in Silicon Valley Bank….that Joe Biden is bailing out the depositors.

For the first time in U.S. history, the Biden Administration is trying to undo a Trump

Presidential Clemency.

California’s newest radical, Leftist laws going into effect for the new year.

Young people rejecting Christianity for Satanism.

Alliance Defending Freedom op-ed explaining the SCOTUS case of the Christian Web


Op-ed about how an MRI brought a man closer to God.

Alarming facts about Hunter Biden and his Dad uncovered in the censored documentary “My Son Hunter”.

7000 Pro-Life OB/GYNs publish a Fact Sheet debunking various false claims from the abortion industry. Https://

…..the Fact Sheet:

A Dictionary according to Democrats. Https://

Donald Trump’s lengthy, detailed, data-filled response to the Democrats’ Jan 6th Hearings and their claim that 2020 Election Fraud has been “debunked”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show….

Guest Interview: Aaron Armstrong to discuss his book “I’m a Christian – Now What?: A Guide to Your New Life with Christ”.

Guest Interview: Chris Bledsoe, who claims 16 years of regular UFO encounters, to discuss his book “UFO of God”.

Other Issues Discussed….

I continued my apologetics series on disproving Islam.