9-11 Tribute - 20th Anniversary

We Remember Our First Responders.

September 11th, 2021 is the 20th Anniversary of the 9.11.2001 tragedy.

Crawford Media invites you to join us to honor one, as we remember them all. We want to hear your stories of a first responder who has made a powerful impact in their community or has shown extraordinary courage or bravery while serving.

Please leave a tribute below for an EMT/Firefighter/Police Officer.

Vernon Marcum - Police Officer

"Where do I start? My husband, Vernon Marcum has been a police officer for almost 30 years. September 9th, 2021 is his 30 year anniversary date. We’ve been married for 26 years. Being a police wife is not easy with shift work and OT and two boys to raise. But, my husband never made them feel like the job was more important.

He started at the Taylor Police Department in 1991. He was on the street for most of that 23 year career. He did become a detective in the youth bureau but that didn’t last. It had nothing to do with his skills, but everything to do with the kind of man he is. He stepped down from that spot because our then 6 month old baby was having health issues. We had no family around us and I was still struggling with postpartum depression. Vern saw how overwhelmed I was and went back on the road because it afforded him more time home. While he was in the yourh bureau his pager went off constantly and he was never home. So from 1991 to 1998 he was on the road, did a brief stint in DB and went back on the road until he retired from Taylor in 2013. (He is still an officer, in Redford)

During his time in Taylor, he was a hard, dedicated worker who pulled over so many drunk drivers that MADD invited him to their annual dinner events. When he retired, Area towing said they were really going to miss him because he gave them a lot of business.

There was a difficult time for him professionally and personally when in 2010, his coworker, Matthew Edwards died in the line of duty. That was a difficult, dark time for us. We went to counseling, got back in church and relied only on God. We still do. During that time, Vern never wavered in his job performance.

In 2013, he retired from Taylor at the age of 45. He didn’t stay retired long. He went right back at it with the Redford Township Police Department. He was on the road until Spring of 2018. While on the road he was awarded twice at the annual Redford Township Police Awards Banquet. In 2018, after 26 years of being on the road, he became the Property Room Manager. The car is no longer his office. He now has one at the helm of the large property room in the RTPD basement.

My husband has been an outstanding cop with utmost integrity. You can ask any coworker of his. But, more importantly he is a kind, caring man who loves his family deeply, puts others needs before himself and serves where needed. I am so proud of him. Our two adult sons are too. After 30 years, he still handles situations calmly and fair. He is still one great cop!"

Tim Web - Fire Fighter

Tim Webb is a full time fire firefighter/paramedic for the city of Flat Rock. He also works part-time for the city of Riverview as well as Huron Township. He goes above and beyond in his job. He does more than just run rescues and fire calls. He also teaches cpr/first aid to the schools. He does fire prevention to the kids. Every kid in the community knows firefighter Tim. He has created an obstacle course that he uses at Riverfest and Summer Blast in the city of Flat Rock. Every component of this obstacle course teaches a different aspect of fire safety. He has taken this to events outside of the city as well including events at local hospitals. Most recently he became concerned with all the water rescues that were happening on the Huron River.

People kayak down the river all summer long. When they become stuck, overturned or have a medical emergency all they know as far as location is that they are somewhere between where they put in and where they are due to get back out. Tim came up with an idea to mark the river by putting ribbons up in the trees along the river. Kayakers can now say I see a ribbon that is this or that color. Tim has made map books that he has distributed to police and fire showing where each color of ribbon is located along the river. This makes it easier to pinpoint where an individual or group are located when they call in for help. These ribbons have proven valuable time and time again in rescuing those stuck on the river. He goes out on the river regularly to ensure that the ribbons are still in place and clearly visible.

Tim is a valuable asset to each city that he serves and is always coming up with ways to improve upon the services that they offer. He works more than he is home because he loves what he does. He has a passion for helping others. He has missed many holidays with his family because of this and his family stands behind him 100%. His passion for his work goes way beyond the monetary compensation. I truly believe that much of this he would continue to do even without the pay. You can ask anyone in any downriver department and I’m guessing they will know the name Tim Webb. He is my hero and deserves honor and recognition even though he never seeks it. He’s just doing his job and serving with excellence because it’s the only way he knows how to do it.

Pain Free Life Centers

"Corporal Renae Peterson of the Monroe Police Department was shot in the line of duty in May 2020 while attempting to apprehend two carjacking suspects. Renae is a dedicated wife, mother of three, a selfless friend and she’s also a cancer survivor. Renae continues with to serve with Monroe PD as she courageously pushes through life-changing injuries incurred in the shooting. Renae is powered by her faith in Christ every day. This recent story from WDIV shows how Renae’s outlook has powered her through the nearly life-ending injuries she’s sustained on behalf of her community.

Thank you for doing this!"

Watch Renae's story here:

Willow Smith - Paramedic

My daughter Willow Smith. She is a new full-time Paramedic and volunteer firefighter in the Monroe County area. Willow has a servant's heart and truly loves patient care and running Rescue. She is one of tye strongest Christian women I know in the field. Having been a firefighter paramedic myself for over 30 years she has way surpassed me and her mother in the field.

Willow truly makes all emergencies better and prays with or for her patience in her ambulance. She truly loves Jesus and is an example of his hands and feet every day she is at work. Willow hives her all in everything she does including her down time with friends and family. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast, camper, hiker, fisher, shooting sports, and animal lover.

Willow serves at our church, volunteering her time on the security/medical team, helps around the church, house, firehouse whenever needed without being asked. She (in my opinion ) works way too much and hardly gives herself tune to do the outdoor things she truly loves. And does so without complaining or with grumbling. She is not only living her dreams but following in the footsteps of her mother and me as a Paramedic. I know that if chosen as a winner she would be ever so humble and greatful for such an honor, not bragging or boasting, but being thankful and humble about it.

I that k you for the opportunity to brag about my daughter and thank you for this contest. If you need further info please don't hesitate to reach me for more info.

Respectfully, Brad Smith

Thank you, and God Bless to all who serve(d)!

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