We understand what you may be feeling right now. If you’re homeless, pregnant for the first time and decided to keep your baby, it’s natural to think, “How am I going to do this? I’m broke. I’m confused. I’m scared. I’m depressed. I’m in an abusive relationship. Now you’re telling me keep my baby? Who’s going to help me?”


At Abigayle Ministries this is what we do. We are committed to walking with, and preparing you for independent living, parenthood and a life centered on God. We offer a 2-year residential program that starts by meeting you right where you are. If you join our program you’ll have a private room and be in a safe, nurturing environment We limit our mothers to no more than eight at a time so we can focus on your individual needs.


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Since 1997 Abigayle Ministries has assisted homeless pregnant women and their babies by introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping them to be self-sufficient. Our mentoring covers the basics of being a loving, caring mother to women that often have never experienced that themselves.

These mothers are strong…not charity cases; they’ve just been caught in generational dysfunction where they may have never been nurtured or taught the basic skills needed to live independent and healthy lives let alone take care of a baby.

Our moms come to Abigayle so they can change the trajectory of their life and the life of their baby. Every day we let them know they’re loved by God and are daughters of the King. We do this by starting with the basics: We teach family…by being family.

We rely on businesses, individuals, churches and now listeners like you to keep this ministry going. Please support us financially by clicking DONATE NOW or by scanning the QR CODE.

THANK YOU! We thank you in advance for partnering with us to show our mothers that they are not alone and to give them the guidance needed to end generational dysfunction.


Of our residents are currently employed.


Of our residents are recovering from abuse.


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Of our residents are currently employed.

As heard on The Morning Light

I know first hand Abigayle ministries will blow you away. The young girls there are amazing, the kids are incredible! The staff knows what these girls have gone thru and are picked by God so the right people are exactly in the right place at the right time to serve these young mothers. I absolutely encourage you to support this remarkable, life changing ministry.

-Chris Stevenson

Success Stories

” It’s extremely different. Before I came here I was in a really bad situation, and if I hadn’t come here I would probably still be in it, and it would have been worse. I’m really glad I came here. That God brought me here. I wouldn’t have learned so much. I would probably have thought that God hated me because of things I was going through. And He has helped me so much by being here. I’m still working on stuff, but He helped me with being shy, with having more confidence in myself. At first, I wasn’t open at all to anyone, I kept everything bundled in. But with all these people here, telling me that it’s okay, that they love me…I didn’t really have that. I had so much negativity in my life before I came here. But now I have all this love, nurturing, caring people around me. It’s positive.”

— Former Resident

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