Helping you set the stage for wonderful family memories

Your home is more than just a building...

It’s the setting where those special family memories are made. At Alexandria our job is to help make your home a space where those special moments can happen. It starts when one of our design consultants takes a seat at your kitchen table and finds out what your family needs from your home.

Sometimes the solution is need new windows or entry doorsWe’ve got you covered with a full lineup of fantastic energy efficient windows and doors that will fit into your budget as easy as they slide into place.

Other times the solution requires some thinking outside the box. Our design specialists are experts at offering different options that customize your house to your family.

Chris Stevenson has been experiencing the quality of our work first hand in his house for over a decade, after we swapped out a window for a door wall and changed the entire flow of his house. making it easier for Chris, his wife and daughter to have special moments year round. We can do the same for you. 

Fill out the form on this page and change the functionality of your home with Alexandria. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Chris Stevenson 6a-10am M-FNot a week goes by when I’m not glad I had Alexandria work on our house.

Before it was boring, but now our house stands out on the block and makes it easier for us to enjoy  great food and company all the time. We love it! 

— Chris Stevenson

The Morning Light

Before | After

West Bloomfield Before
West Bloomfield After
Novi Entry Before
Novi Entry After
Detroit Entry Before
Detroit Entry After
Detroit Windows Before
Detroit Windows After
Canton After
Canton After
Farmington Hills Before
Farmington Hills After
Sterling Heights Entry Before
Sterling Heights Entry After
Ann Arbor Patio Cut Out Before
Ann Arbor Patio Cut Out After
Sylvan Lake Stone Before
Sylvan Lake Stone After
Northville Custom Entry Before
Northville Custom Entry After
Northville Custom Framing Before
Northville Custom Framing After

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