Become A Day Sponsor with Love Worth Finding Ministries!

Imagine the surprise your special someone would feel hearing their birthday, or wedding anniversary read live by WMUZ’s hosts on WMUZ FM and WMUZ AM! 

Become a WMUZ Day Sponsor today! By becoming a Day Sponsor, you can share your special day with WMUZ and Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers. Have your birthday, wedding anniversary, or any special day, celebrated live on air by our WMUZ hosts! You can become a Day Sponsor by submitting a gift of $99 to Love Worth Finding, to help support the ministry while they continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Make your special occasion more meaningful this year with WMUZ and Love Worth Finding.
How to become a Day Sponsor:
  1. Fill out the form on this website with your information and a short dedication for your special someone. *The date chosen for your Day Sponsorship must be at least one week from the date the form has been submitted. 
  2. Once the form has been filled out, you will be redirected to Love Worth Finding’s donation page, where a payment of $99 will be made on Love Worth Finding’s website. Your payment will be used to support the ministry. 
  3. You’re done! You will get a confirmation email shortly regarding your Day Sponsorship, and when you will be able to hear it throughout the day on WMUZ FM and WMUZ AM. You will receive six (6) On Air Mentions on each station throughout the day that you are sponsoring. Thank you for becoming a Day Sponsor and supporting WMUZ’s broadcast ministry partner, Love Worth Finding Ministries.

Become a Day Sponsor with WMUZ to support Love Worth Finding Ministries!


  1.  The Day Sponsor gives WMUZ permission to use their name on-air in relation to this transaction/program.
  2. The Day Sponsor gives WMUZ permission to share information pertaining to this single transaction (verification of name and amount donated) with one of WMUZ’s broadcast ministry partners.

As a way to thank you for your support, Love Worth Finding Ministries would like to gift all those who become a Day Sponsor with WMUZ AM and WMUZ FM with Adrian Rogers book, Adrianisms - The Collected Wit And Wisdom of Adrian Rogers.

Listen to Love Worth Finding Ministries with Adrian Rogers weekdays at 10:30am on WMUZ AM 1200!

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