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Switch to Beyond Wireless and your first three months are free!

Beyond Wireless offers a full portfolio of the latest smartphones and some of the best priced, no-contract plans in the industry, using the nationwide Sprint® network.

Beyond Wireless LogoChad WhallsCall Chad at 248-618-9960, tell him you’re a Morning Light listener and he’ll get you your first three months free with no transfer charge when you switch to Beyond Wireless. (BTW, this is Chad’s personal cell number, so don’t share it — no matter how thrilled you are.)

Why should I switch to Beyond Wireless?

The benefits of being a Beyond Wireless customer are that they offer some of the lowest priced plans in the industry, a big portfolio of basic and smartphones AND we will give 5% of your plan price every month to a charity of your choosing with no annual caps on the donations. There are NO contracts or credit checks at Beyond Wireless. You can choose the plan that is the best fit for you.

Totally get a free phone!

Like get a totally free phone when you sign up for Beyond Wireless! Call the dude Chad at 248-618-9960 and he’ll like take care of everything!  So rad!!

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