Beyond Wireless

Cellular Phone Service

Switch to Beyond Wireless and your first three months are free (as in no charge)...

Just call Chad at 248-618-9960, tell him you’re a Morning Light listener and he’ll get you your first three months free with no transfer charge when you switch to Beyond Wireless. (BTW, this is Chad’s personal cell number, so don’t share it — no matter how thrilled you are.)

Chad Whalls(This is Chad. You’ll enjoy talking to him because he’ll get you hooked up.)

It's your Bubby, Darling

Why pay for overpriced cellphone service when you can get the same thing for as little as $25 a month. $25 a month! All the talk, text and data you want. All you want!

Just call that nice boychik Chad at 248-618-9960. Keep your phone, get a new phone — whatever you want.

Love, Bubbie

P.S. Would it hurt if you called home once in a while?

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