Join us for our Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive!

The annual WMUZ Red Cross Blood Drive is coming up Thursday, July 18th, at Merriman Road Baptist Church.

Once again, we’re giving away FREE CEDAR POINT TICKETS! To get yours, reserve your spot by making an appointment to donate. It’s that simple! In a few minutes, you will save up to 3 lives and walk away with one FREE ticket to Cedar Point! (Over a $70.00 value!)

Last year, thanks to listeners like you, we were were able to set a record and become the largest one day blood drive in Metro Detroit, but unfortunately, another blood drive came after us later in the year and beat us by 44 pints. We can’t let that stand! Our goal is to reclaim the title and YOU play a crucial role in making that happen.


We have many appointments available, but we have plenty of openings between 10am and 4pm. By signing up in the middle of the day, you will have a quicker experience, and be able to talk with Bob, Chris, or Mac when they are off air. We can’t wait to see you Thursday, July 18th, as we try to reclaim the title of largest one day blood drive in Metro Detroit and most importantly, save lives.

Do you want to volunteer at the WMUZ American Red Cross Blood Drive? Sign up today!

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