Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 01 – 06 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Trump threatens Iran with 52 potential attack sites if they retaliate.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos absurdly asks Mike Pompeo with President Trump is “threatening Iran with war crimes?”

Iran says they will “no longer honor” their Nuclear deal agreements. (Yeah, like they ever did)

Wow. Joe Biden actually claims he did NOT oppose Obama going after Bin Laden. (He admitted in 2012 he did).

Iraqi Parliament votes to end foreign troop presence.

NFL Anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick calls U.S. strike on Iranian terrorist military leader a “terrorist attack” on “brown people”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

U.S. Government in 2004 predicted Climate catastrophe by…..2020.

I discussed the scientific evidence for just one ice age, shortly after Noah’s flood, as opposed to the evolutionists claim if “millions of years of ice ages”.

Guest Interview: Jarrett Stepman to discuss his book “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

We took calls from listeners about President Trump ordering the death of Iranian Military General Qassem Suleimani.

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