Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday 12 – 10 – 18

Andrew McCarthy thinks Trump will be indicted for Campaign Finance law violation.

Op-ed detailing how dishonest and corrupt the FBI became under James Comey.

Prosecutor calls Michael Cohen a liar, but then uses his claims to target Trump.

Bottom line, Mueller report shows no Trump/Russia collusion.

Clinton Foundation under scrutiny.


SCOTUS refuses to take up case of states denying funding to Planned Parenthood, giving the a victory.


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


Guest Interview: Dr. Jason Olafsson of Custom Health Centers to discuss Christmas-time weight gain.


Guest Interview: NYT Best Selling author of “90 Minutes in Heaven” Don Piper to discuss his follow-up book “People I Met at the Gates of Heaven”.


Guest Interview: Steve Turner to discuss his book “Turn, Turn, Turn: Popular Songs Inspired By the Bible”.


Other Issues Discussed…..


I continued my Apologetics 101 Refresher Course series, today discussing the dinosaurs, giving the documented historical and scientific evidences to prove dinosaurs really did walk the Earth with humans over the last 6000 years, proving Biblical Creation and disproving Darwinian Evolution.

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