Bob Dutko Show Summary – Monday -3 – 11 – 19

First Hour – News/Politics

Democrats just continue to accept anti-Jewish bigotry in Congress.

Op-ed by a Muslim woman denouncing the Democrat’s acceptance of Omar’s, Tlaib’s and Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-Jewish bigotry.

Last fall, Gretchen Whitmer called it “ridiculous” when Bill Schuette warned during debate that she would raise gas taxes 20 cents.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Remember the warning 12 years ago that polar bears will go extinct? New report shows their population increasing.

SCOTUS refuses to hear appeal of Christian convicted for helping former lesbian mother.

Alabama judge says man can sue abortion clinic for killing his unborn child.

University Dean resigns after school votes to ban Chick Fil-A.

Controversy made over Trump signing Bibles in Alabama.

Guest Interview: Abby Ross Hutto to discuss her book “God For Us: Discovering the Heart of the Father Through the Life of the Son”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I gave some more apologetics information, today discussing references in the book of Job that discuss various descriptions of different star clusters thousands of years before modern science discovered those descriptions.

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