Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 07 – 23 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Trump to send federal troops to Chicago and other cities.

Chicago mass shooting of 15 happened during Prime Time Tuesday night, yet CNN and MSNBC refused to cover it, or even report it.

CNN and MSNBC refuse to cover White House event addressing violence in U.S. cities.

Democrat Congressman says Trump “wants to be the Grand Wizard of the KKK”.

Joe Biden calls Trump the “first racist” president.

Trump to exclude illegal aliens from Congressional Apportionment figures.

Actual data shows Florida is NOT running out of hospital beds.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Guest Interview: Former Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck to discuss the efforts to recall and impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Guest Interview: Dr. George Barna to discuss his latest survey about what Americans think about the intrinsic value of life.

Other Issues Discussed….

Planned Parenthood clinic in New York removes Margaret Sanger from their name.

Marine Corp cancels speaker after atheist group complains that he is a Christian.

Op-ed explaining that technically, “native Americans” aren’t indigenous peoples either.

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