Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 10 – 03 – 19

First Hour – News/Politics

I continued to examine and analyze every aspect of the whole “Ukrainian hoax” from the Democrats and the media.

Trump accuses Adam Schiff of possibly helping to write the “whistleblower’s” complaint.

Congressman Andy Biggs drafts resolution calling for Adam Schiff to be censured.

The process for impeachment simply explained.

Op-ed on how news media cover-up Trump’s minority outreach.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Franklin Graham calls for prayer for Democrats to “change their hearts”.

Florida law now allows the arming of school teachers.

Guest Interview: Governor Mike Huckabee to discuss abortion and the current impeachment efforts from the Democrats.

Guest Interview: Robert Curry to discuss his book “Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth in a Post-Truth World”

Other Issues Discussed…..

I discussed today being “Bring Your Bible To School” Day, as well as shared evidence from American history to prove our Founding Fathers would have absolutely supported this day.

Op-ed from Focus on the Family President Jim Daly on their “Bring Your Bible To School Day”.

1 thought on “Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 10 – 03 – 19

  1. What Trump did was clearly illegal. It doesn’t matter if Democrats did it (and they should be held accountable too if that’s true) – no one is above the law. I can’t wait until you turn on Trump. It looks like FOX news is starting to. Support for impeachment is going up and up, even among Republicans. I remember when you used to talk up Romney every day when he was running for President. Now you call him a RINO and talk about him disgracefully. As Trump’s support wanes, and your listeners fall even more than they have, what will you do? Will we pretend like you never worshiped Trump?

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