Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 04 – 30 – 19

First Hour – News/Politics

Rod Rosenstein resigns.

Trump legally fighting Democrats subpoenas of Deutsche Bank and Capital One for Trump’s private financial records from years ago.

Brady Bunch episode from 1969 about the family all getting the measles didn’t have some big scare tactic fear of “death”.

Media pushing fake news story that Trump administration was willing to pay North Korea for release of Otto Warmbier.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

NYC has over 4 times more post-21 week abortions than homicides per year.

Guest Interview: Dr. Tami Peterson, Founder and CEO of the Oxford Recovery Center and their Director of Arts Casey Diskin to discuss their success in helping autistic children connect again with the outside world through all natural methods.

Guest Interview: Board Certified Christian Psychiatrist to discuss his latest book “The God Shaped Heart: How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us”.

Other Issues Discussed….

As an extension of yesterday’s discussion with creation scientist Dr. Grady McMurtry, I explained in very simple layman’s terms the various scientific theories that explains how we could see starlight from starts created just 6000 years ago.

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