Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 11 – 12 – 19

First Hour – News/Politics

ICIG complaint alleges Trump-Ukraine whistleblower may be soliciting illicit donations.

GOP memo outlines party’s plan to defend Trump.

Rex Tillerson denies Nikki Haley’s claim that he and John Kelly tried to recruit her to resist POTUS.

University of Virginia ending Veteran’s Day 21-Gun Salute because gunshots might trigger or cause panic among some students.

Elizabeth Warren Tweets: “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy”.

She’s at it again! Rep. Ilhan Omar Tweets anti-Semitic dog whistle.

Op-ed explaining the real life dangers of “Medicare for All”.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Anti-Trump professor assaults woman at flag waving rally, get’s taken down by female MMA champion.

Guest Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss his latest book “The War For America’s Soul”.

Guest Interview: Pastor David and Deborah Beddoe to discuss their book “The Heart of Recovery: How Compassion and Community Offer Hope in the Wake of Addiction”.

Other Issues Discussed……

LGBT activists get businesses to cut ties with Missouri church because pastor preached that men are men and women are women.

Op-ed by the Missouri Pastor in response to the LGBT smear campaign.

Missouri church gets $43 million in medical bills for poor people erased. (umm, yes, the same church)

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