Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 12 – 11 – 18

First Hour – News/Politics

SCOTUS refuses to take up case of states denying funding to Planned Parenthood, giving the a victory.


Trump threatens to have military build the border wall if Congress won’t.


Comparing the (uncharged) false statements from Hillary & Co. to Trump’s people.

CNN criticizes Trump naming a former Fox News anchor to his administration as inappropriate and “concerning”. (umm, Obama named over 30 news journalists from CN and others to his administration)

Op-ed detailing how dishonest and corrupt the FBI became under James Comey.

Clinton Foundation under scrutiny.


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


I completely picked apart a news story about a new “Little Foot” monkey skeleton evolutionists are calling “human like”.


Guest Interview: Dr. Craig Hazen to discuss his book “Fearless Prayer: Why We Don’t Ask and Why We Should”.


Other Issues Discussed…..


“3.7 million year old fossils”…..turn out to just be rocks.


I discussed a claim that the Ark of the Covenant might exist in an Ethiopian church.


I continued my Apologetics 101 Refresher Course series, today discussing the dinosaurs, giving more documented historical and scientific evidences to prove dinosaurs really did walk the Earth with humans over the last 6000 years, proving Biblical Creation and disproving Darwinian Evolution.

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