Bob Dutko Show Summary – Tuesday 12 – 18 – 18

First Hour – News/Politics

With the sentencing hearing scheduled for Michael Flynn, I discussed and examined exactly what he’s been charged with and why it’s an unfair double-standard between Democrats and Republicans.


ICE shows numbers of just how dangerous and violent arrested illegal immigrants are.

Facts: Democrats funded border wall under Bush and Obama, but now refuse under Trump.


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


I discussed the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ, examining the logical and historical evidences for the Virgin birth.


Guest Interview: Dr. Daniel Biddle, Ph.D., president of Genesis Apologetics to discuss his book “Answers to the Top 50 Questions About Genesis, Creation and Noah’s Flood”.


Guest Interview: Will Ford, descendent of slaves and Matt Lockett, descendent of the very slave owners who owned Will Ford’s ancestors to discuss their friendship and their book “The Dream King”.


Other Issues Discussed…..


I continued my Apologetics 101 Refresher Course series, today giving logical, factual and historical evidences to prove the resurrection of Jesus Christ.