Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 01 – 08 – 20

First Hour – News/Politics

Transcript of Trump’s address to nation on Iran.

GOP Senators move to dismiss impeachment articles against Trump amid Pelosi’s stalling tactic.

Trump backs off threat to hit Iranian cultural sites.

Guest Interview: Lt. Colonel Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (Ret) to give analysis on the Iran situation.

Op-ed suggesting Iran’s military strikes last night killed no one…..on purpose.

Michael Moore latest Hollywood millionaire to publicly apologize to Iran and beg for mercy.

Elizabeth Warren has to be asked 3 times before reluctantly agreeing to call Soleimani a terrorist.

CNN settles with slandered 16 year old Covington High School student Nick Sandmann.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

First person to legally obtain ‘nonbinary’ gender status now calls it ‘psychologically harmful’
Guest Interview: Bible scholars Dr. William Webb and Dr. Gordon Oeste to discuss their book “Bloody, Brutal and Barbaric?: Wrestling with Troubling War Texts”.

Guest Interview: Theologian and 5 generation wine connoisseur Dr. Gisela H. Kreglinger to discuss her book “The Soul of Wine: Savoring the Goodness of God”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

We discussed and took caller comments about the whole Iranian situation.

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