Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 12 – 12 – 18

First Hour – News/Politics

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer get in heated debate.

Court orders Stormy Daniels to pay Trump nearly $300,000 in legal fees.

Op-ed explaining clearly how Trump violated no campaign finance laws at all.

Comparing the (uncharged) false statements from Hillary & Co. to Trump’s people.

CNN criticizes Trump naming a former Fox News anchor to his administration as inappropriate and “concerning”. (umm, Obama named over 30 news journalists from CN and others to his administration)

Op-ed detailing how dishonest and corrupt the FBI became under James Comey.

Clinton Foundation under scrutiny.


Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……


I discussed a Texas man arrested for disrupting a church’s “Breakfast with Santa” event by telling children Santa is not real and that they need to only believe in Jesus.


Guest Interview: Pastor Curtis Heffelfinger to discuss his book “The Peace Making Church: 8 Biblical Keys to Resolve Conflict and Preserve Unity”.


Guest Interview: Renowned Bible Scholar and host of the Grace to You Radio broadcast Dr. John MacArthur to discuss his latest book “Christ’s Call to Reform the Church”.


Other Issues Discussed…..


I continued my Apologetics 101 Refresher Course series, today discussing where dinosaurs are referenced in the Bible as well as more scientific evidence proving Biblical Creation and disproving Darwinian Evolution.


John MacArthur was featured on the show, and you can hear him on WMUZ Monday-Friday at 7:00pm.

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