Bob Dutko Summary – Thursday 04 – 11 – 19

First Hour – News/Politics

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested and charged.

Democrats acting all “furious” over William Barr saying he thinks the Trump Campaign was, in fact, spied on.

Barr testifies “spying did occur” on Trump campaign.

Democrats denying the fact that Barr was right, the Trump Campaign was, in fact, spied on.

Treasury Department will not turn over Trump’s tax returns to Democrats.

Things to know about the Israeli election.

POTUS to host a screening of the pro-life film “Gosnell” at the White House.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show……

Ex-Transgender Walt Heyer warns that pushing gender confusion is “child abuse”.

I addressed and challenged the claims made in an article about a Pastor who says opposition to reparations is “of the devil”.

Guest Interview: Pastor David J Randall to discuss his book “Christianity – Is It True?: Answering Questions Through Real Lives”.

Guest Interview: John R Paine, author of “The Luckiest Man: How a Seventeen Year Battle with ALS Led Me to Intimacy With God”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

I debunked recent news stories about some new fossils found that are supposedly a “new human species” with supposedly a mix of human and ape features.

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