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“The Bob Dutko Show” (noon – 4pm, Mon-Fri) is Detroit’s number one Christian talk radio show and “Prime Time with Bob Dutko” (8PM, weeknights), is a “best of” hour taken from his earlier four-hour shows. He also hosts “Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko,” heard on radio stations across the country and which makes him one of the most listened to Christian talk show hosts in the U.S.

Bob is passionate about Christian apologetics. “I take complicated issues and translate them into everyday language,” he says. “I use science to logically prove what we as Christians believe, archaeology to prove the Bible is true and physics and science to prove Biblical Creation.”

Bob is passionate about Christian apologetics. “I take complicated issues and translate them into everyday language,” he says. “I use science to logically prove what we as Christians believe, archaeology to prove the Bible is true and physics and science to prove Biblical Creation.”

After growing up in what today would be described as a religious cult in Columbus, Ohio, Bob turned to a life of sex, drugs, alcohol and demonic activities. It was while working at a restaurant when he was 19 that the manager invited Bob and his girlfriend, Jeannine, to a church service where they both responded to an altar call. “My mother was part of this cult and my father was a hardcore agnostic, so I didn’t know any Christians and had no clue what to do next,” Bob recalls. “I only knew I didn’t want to spend eternity in hell, so I cut my hair, bought a Bible, started going to church, and began the process of my Christian journey.”

Bob and Jeannine were baptized together and have been married since 1984. They have had one daughter and have six sons. Their daughter, Colleen, passed away in 2002 after collapsing inexplicably into Bob’s arms. Naturally,  Colleen remain an inextricable part of Bob’s story. “It gets a little easier over time, but I never stop missing her,” he says.

In his spare time, Bob enjoys public speaking engagements and devotes the rest of his time to his family.  “I believe I am right where God would have me right now,” he says. “I care about politics and about strengthening people’s faith in Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t feel fulfilled if I wasn’t doing this part of my job.”


PROPOSAL 1: Re-writes Michigan’s Term Limits Laws

Allows State Senators and Legislators to run a full 12 years in either Chamber, instead of the current Term Limit of 8 years in the Senate and 6 years in the House. While it lowers the overall combined Term Limits from 14 total combined years down to 12, most State politicians don’t actually serve full terms in both Chambers, so it serves to allow career politicians to stay in their current seat way longer than before. The Proposal is deceptively written though to make it look like the average Term is being shortened.

PROPOSAL 2: Re-writes Michigan’s Voter Laws

This would change Michigan’s voter laws through a Constitutional Amendment to mimic California and make it way easier for Democrats to engage in voter fraud in these ways: 

  • Banning voter ID requirements 
  • Expands Absentee & Mass Balloting that invites voter fraud 
  • Permanently Places Drop Boxes throughout Michigan that invite voter fraud 
  • Allows special interest and non-profit money to buy elections.  
    (Pro-life and Christian non-profits have way less money than the liberal non-profit groups of George Soros, Bill Gates, Hollywood, powerful unions, etc. All these groups would be able to flood Michigan elections with their money from all over the country)
  • Adds 9 days of early voting, an advantage to Democrats and fraud activists.  
  • This would amend the Michigan Constitution, making it nearly impossible for a  
    Republican Secretary of State, Legislature, or Governor to undo it. 
  • Strongly supported by the ACLU and the Democratic Party. (Need I say more)  

PROPOSAL 3: Mandates unrestricted abortion on demand up to the moment of birth

  • Eliminates all restrictions on abortion – The language specifically states that “every individual” (with no age minimum) “has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which entails the right to make an effectuate decisions about ALL matters relating to pregnancy”, and that this right “shall not be denied, burdened or infringed upon”.  Also, “The State shall not penalize, prosecute, or otherwise take adverse action against an individual based on their actual, potential, perceived, or alleged pregnancy outcomes”, or “against someone for aiding or assisting”.  It also states that no law on “anything related to pregnancy” can infringe on a person’s “autonomous decision making”. This would invalidate all existing Michigan abortion restriction laws such as Parental consent, waiting periods, informed consent, 3rd trimester bans, etc.
Also in this Proposal:
  • Abortion centers would be allowed to set their OWN standards for health, safety and sanitation. 
  • Untrained, non-medical persons would now be allowed to participate in abortions. 
  • Babies that survive an abortion could be denied medical care if the woman and abortionist agree.  
  • Christian doctors would lose their conscience rights to opt out of doing abortions. 
  • Pro-abortion teachers would be allowed to take minors to get an abortion without telling mom or dad.  
  • Statutory rape reporting would no longer be required. 
  • Pregnant employees could now be discriminated against by pro-abortion employers.  
  • Pregnant women would have and absolute right to make ANY decisions regarding pregnancy ……at any age with no minimum age restrictions. 
  • The language would also apply to transgender surgery for minors, against the wishes of parents.  
  • This would make Michigan the #1 most radically pro-abortion state in America, more so than California. 
  • Being a Constitutional Amendment, this would make all of this a Constitutional “right”, making it nearly impossible for any Republican Legislature or Governor to undo it.  

This Proposal is being dishonestly advertised as merely “Making Michigan Pro-Choice” and  

“making Michigan how it was before Roe v Wade was overturned”. This is a lie. During Roe v Wade, all of the above common-sense restrictions were in place in Michigan. If Proposal 3 passes, these restrictions all go away. Polls consistently show that most “pro-choice” people support these basic restrictions and oppose unrestricted abortion through all 9 months. That’s what Proposal 3 does. It does NOT merely revert us back to “how things were under Roe v Wade”.    


Great website explaining the truth about Michigan’s pro-abortion Proposal 3.

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