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Bob Dutko isn't shy about fearlessly defending Faith and Christian Truth with history, logic and facts.

Since 2000, the WMUZ radio host has been challenging his audience with well-researched and substantive topics, fearlessly defending Christian truth using logic, reason, history and factual evidence.

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Bob Dutko pays tribute to
the late Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

As nearly all know, Rush, who passed away of stage four lung cancer, was a titan of conservative talk radio. Limbaugh’s clout in conservative circles was so great that he was wooed by three very different Republican presidents: George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump, the latter a kindred spirit in many ways who awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union address in February 2020.

Listen, then, to Bob’s moving tribute to Rush.

Summary of Past Broadcasts of
The Bob Dutko Show

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 06 – 23 – 22

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Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 06 – 22 – 22

Leave a reply Noon-4:00 PM First Hour – News/Politics How embarrassing. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer refers to women as “menstruating persons”. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/michigans-gretchen-whitmer-refers-women-menstruating-people-gop-gov-hopefuls-respond  SCOTUS rules 6-3 that

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Top Ten Proofs is a collection of audio CDs and MP3s by Christian apologist Bob Dutko, giving evidences for the commonly held beliefs of Christians using science, logic, intellectual reasoning, history and factual evidence, but all in layman’s terms with simple basic language that is easy to understand and remember.

They are presented by Christian Apologist and nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Bob Dutko.

Four radio hosts join forces in this unabashedly Christian, Conservative discussion of current events. The National Crawford Roundtable unites long-time broadcasters Bob Dutko (Detroit, MI); Neil Boron (Buffalo, NY); Roger Marsh (Southern CA); and John Rush (Denver, CO) in an honest review of today’s culture—without the left-wing agenda. With new episodes released weekly, the podcast covers news, culture, and politics from a Christian, Conservative perspective.

“The Bob Dutko Show” (noon – 4pm, Mon-Fri) is Detroit’s number one talk Christian radio show and “Prime Time with Bob Dutko” (8PM, weeknights), is a “best of” hour taken from his earlier four-hour show. He also hosts “Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko,” is heard on radio stations across the country and makes him one of the most listened to Christian talk show hosts in the U.S.

Bob is passionate about Christian apologetics. “I take complicated issues and translate them into everyday language,” he says. “I use science to logically prove what we as Christians believe, archaeology to prove the Bible is true and physics and science to prove there is a God.” Bob also turns to softer topics at times and shares his beliefs on how to raise godly children, how to grow closer to the Lord, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping his listeners with the evidence they need to more ably defend their faith.

After growing up in what today would be described as a religious cult in Columbus, Ohio, Bob turned to a life of sex, drugs, alcohol and demonic activities. It was while working at a restaurant when he was 19 that the manager invited him and his girlfriend, Jeannine, to a church service where they both responded to an altar call. “My mother was part of this cult and my father was a hardcore agnostic, so I didn’t know any Christians and had no clue what to do next,” Bob recalls. “I only knew I didn’t want to spend eternity in hell, so I cut my hair, bought a Bible, started going to church and began the process of my Christian journey.”

Bob and Jeannine were baptized together and have been married for the past 33 years. They have had one daughter and have six sons. Their daughter, Colleen, passed away in 2002 after collapsing inexplicably into Bob’s arms and is inevitably part of his story. “It gets a little easier over time, but I never stop missing her,” he says. “She would have been 32 this year.”

In his spare time, Bob enjoys public speaking engagements and devotes the rest of his time to his family.  “I believe I am right where God would have me right now,” he says. “I care about politics and about strengthening people’s faith in Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t feel fulfilled if I wasn’t doing this part of my job.”

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