Better Sleep, less Anxiety, more Energy, Focus & Concentration, overcome hopelessness

We have been serving our local community here in southeast Michigan since 2008 and our licensed and certified BWO technology from (BST) has been improving lives since 2001. Over 120,000 people have now benefited from this technology worldwide and our success in Michigan has allowed us to expand and improve in a number of important ways such as better air quality, sound insulation, and personal client services.

Brain Life Center - Bob Dutko
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“After years of chronic insomnia, I went to the Brain Life Center. I have not had one sleepless night since!”
Bob Dutko, The Bob Dutko Show


“After going to the Brain Life Center, I get all the REM sleep I need. My concentration, clarity and focus are razor-sharp.”
Chris Stevenson, The Morning Light


“Thanks to the Brain Life Center, 25 years of chronic anxiety symptoms melted away.”
Mike “Mac” MacIntyre, Mac in the Afternoon

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Improving lives one brain at a time

Safe / Comfortable / Non-Invasive / Non-Medical / Drug Free

Sleep deeper and wake energized with improved focus and concentration.

Feel a natural and effortless release of your physical and emotional stress.

Move through darker sad emotions into a healthy sustained happiness.

120,000 people have discovered the many benefits of a self-optimized brain.

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Hey, Radio Church Family!

Remember the “Pay It Forward Detroit” story on The Morning Light with Chris Stevenson about Elizabeth, who was struggling to sleep, and was having trouble focusing in school? Listen to how the Brain Life Center has helped her!

Brain Life Center of Auburn Hills

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