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“Half the mortgages in America are carrying a higher interest rate than necessary.” That’s the message we heard when we talked to John Jurkovich, who with his wife Natalie are the founders of Brick Financial Group. Right now, today, 50% of American homeowners are throwing away their hard-earned money by the billions because they kept their high-interest mortgages when the rate went down. Way down. John and Natalie are WMUZ listeners who decided to help other listeners by helping them save on their biggest investment, their mortgage, by helping them cash in on the best rates they’ve ever seen.

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"Your life is much better when you have the lowest available rate."

…is what John and Natalie told us when we first met with them. And what’s your biggest debt? For most of us that’s the mortgage on our home.


They went on to explain how for many of their clients, John and Natalie were able to help them save a ton of money, which they could use to pay off their mortgage quicker, or get a new, larger home for the same money they were paying for their old home.


So my advice to you is to contact John and Natalie at Brick Financial Group today — right now, even — and see what they can do for you.


I have a feeling you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by how they can help you, as I was.

After all, why would you want to keep throwing your hard-earned money away?

Chris Stevenson— Chris Stevenson, Host of the Morning Light

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How John and Natalie Jurkovich started Brick Financial Group

Brick Financial Group’s founders, John and Natalie Jurkovich,started their company with a guiding philosophy: helping their clients be good stewards by paying the lowest available interest rate on their mortgages. You would be surprised how many mortgage brokers and mortgage companies do not have that philosophy. Why not, they reasoned, get the balance sheets in order for as many of their mortgage clients as possible? Why not create loans that either have lower monthly house payments, or allow the homeowner to have a bigger house for the same payment? It’s called stewardship. Why not be a good steward of what God has blessed you with?

There’s a money-saving mortgage solution waiting for you at Brick Financial Group.

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