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Lower your house payment and reduce or get rid of your credit card debt, all in one fell swoop

“I want everybody to be debt free and not have a mortgage!” is not what you expect to be coming out of the mouth of a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker in question is John Jurkovich, who, with his wife Natalie is the founder of Brick Financial Group.

So the idea is to design your mortgage so you pay it — and maybe some other debt — off quicker.

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“The mortgage broker that wants you to not have a mortgage”

"Your life is much better when you don’t have debt."

   …is what John and Natalie told us when we first met with them. My next question was, “Okay, so how do you do that?”

   They went on to explain how for many of their clients, who may have just come to them originally simply wanting to take advantage of today’s low interest rate, or get a plain ol’ 30 year fixed rate mortgage for a new home, John and Natalie were able to roll in existing debt, and still lower their client’s overall out go all in a single payment to boot.

   So my advise to you is to contact John and Natalie at Brick Financial Group today — right now, even — and see what they can do for you.

I have a feeling you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by how they can help you, as I was.

   After all, why would you not want to be a debt-free hero?

Chris Stevenson— Chris Stevenson, Host of the Morning Light

Brick Financial Group's current commercial:


The mortgage broker that want you to not have a mortgage


How John and Natalie Jurkovich started Brick Financial Group

Brick Financial Group’s founders, John and Natalie Jurkovich, started their company with a guiding philosophy: Design their loans and mortgages to get their clients out of debt as fast as possible.

Despite decades of making a very good living while working for some of the most well know mortgage brokers in the country, they knew they had a better way.

Why not, they reasoned, get the balance sheets in order for as many of their mortgage clients as possible? Why not create loans that not only have lower monthly house payments, but take care of as much other outstanding debt as practical so their clients can get themselves debt free in the fastest, most reasonable way?

Why not indeed?

There’s a mortgage/debt solution waiting for you at Brick Financial Group.


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