In 2019, drug prices rose over 10%... and they've already gone up over 5% this year!

Keep this in mind…

Virtually all the brand name drug companies use facilities in other countries. We can offer you the same quality (often the brands you know) in government approved facilities but you pay PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, OR EVEN LOWER prices than the national options.

We work directly with manufacturers to save you HUGE amounts of money.

We are not a pharmacy. We’re a Michigan based brick and mortar business located in St. Clair Shores helping people save HUGE amounts of money of the prescriptions they need for over 20 years. In fact we’ve helped over 200,000 customers save MILLIONS of dollars and we can help you too.We’re thrilled to be an advertising partner with the Bob Dutko Show. Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. 

Visit Canadian Drugs Express!

M-F: 9AM-5PM
Sunday: CLOSED

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