When you see one of these trucks at your neighbors' house, don't be jealous.

It just means they had the good sense to call
C&C Heating and Air Conditioning

HVAC done right


It also means they had the good sense to hire a heating and cooling contractor that responds to service requests right away. And it also means your neighbors had the good sense to call a heating and cooling contractor that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee — a guarantee that they’ve got a whole year to be satisfied with the performance of the new equipment that C&C installed. And that means in the unlikely event your neighbors decide they don’t like their new equipment, C&C will come out, remove it and give your neighbors their money back.

Chris StevensonI’m thrilled to have C&C Heating and Air Conditioning as a member of the Morning Light Radio Church Family. Owner Jim Corrion has promised me that his company will treat you as the most important customer he and his company have.

He’s promised to get a service technician out to your house today, and that if you need a whole new furnace or air conditioning system, that it will be installed tomorrow. For that I’m grateful and happy to recommend C&C Heating and Air Conditioning to you.

— Chris Stevenson

Host, The Morning Light

Bob DutkoThe summer of 2020, during some of hottest days of the year, the A/C conked out at my home.  So, I called C&C, and, true to their claims, despite being extremely busy, they were out right away to take a look.  The verdict was to replace the existing A/C system with new equipment. And following C&C’s “Service today, installation tomorrow” operating principle, my family and I were enjoying quiet, cool air conditioning the next day. I’m really happy that C&C Heating and Air Conditioning is a Bob Dutko Show advertising partner.  My experience tells me they really do live up to their promise!

— Bob Dutko

Host, The Bob Dutko Show

Service today, Installation tomorrow

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