When you see one of these trucks at your neighbors' house, don't be jealous.

It just  means your neighbors had the good sense to call C&C Heating and Air Conditioning. And they probably called only an hour or two before C&C showed up. Which means they had the good sense to hire a heating and cooling contractor that responds to service requests right away. And it also means they had the good sense to call a heating and cooling contractor that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee — a guarantee that they’ve got a whole year to be satisfied with the performance of the new equipment that C&C installed. And that means in the unlikely event your neighbors decide they don’t like their new equipment, C&C will come out, remove it and give your neighbors their money back.

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Is C&C responsive? You bet! Ask Kim...

Kim Corbin, AE

Kim Corbin-Radgens, one of our account executives, needed help in a hurry.  A pipe had broken in her basement and the one contractor who was able to get to her house in an hour (when most of the others said, “next week”) was C & C Heating and Air Conditioning.

So, a few years later, when she wanted a noisy AC compressor moved to the side of the house so she could enjoy her patio, the only call she made was to C & C Heating and Air Conditioning.

And because of her experiences with them, Kim knew C&C Heating and Air Conditioning was the only heating and cooling company worthy of becoming part of the Morning Light Radio Church Family.

Here’s her whole story:

Even we used C&C Heating

WMUZ RoofTo give you an idea about what we’re really talking about, here’s WMUZ’s roof.  C&C Heating and Cooling was able to get them working in harmony for, well, the first time ever.  The complaints about some people being too hot or too cold have dropped to practically zero. Now, no matter where you go in the building, you’re comfortable. Thanks, C&C Heating and Air Conditioning!

You can listen to the story here:

C &C Heating and Air Conditioning answers the phone 24/7 at


C&C Heating and Air Conditioning is now the Morning Light’s official heating and cooling contractor!

Chris says, “I’m thrilled to have C&C Heating and Air Conditioning as a member of the Morning Light Radio Church Family. Owner Jim Corrion has promised me that his company will treat you as the most important customer he and his company have. He’s promised to get a service technician out to your house today, and that if you need a whole new furnace or air conditioning system, that it will be installed tomorrow. For that I’m grateful and happy to recommend C&C Heating and Air Conditioning to you.”

Chris Stevenson, Host of the Morning Light on 103-5FM, WMUZ, the light

C&C goes all over Southeastern Michigan, including...

Birmingham, MI
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Clinton Township, MI
Grosse Pointe, MI
Macomb, MI
Roseville, MI
Troy, MI
Rochester Hills, MI
Rochester, MI
Warren, MI

Farmington Hills, MI
Royal Oak, MI
Livonia, Mi
Northville, MI
Plymouth, MI
Sterling Heights, MI
St Clair Shores, MI
Harrison Charter Township, MI
Shelby Charter Township, MI

Here is C & C Heating and AC's World HQ location (of course, normally they come to you)...

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