Cars From Heaven

Marlo Sheppard

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The Bergarowicz Family

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Carolyn and Her Nieces

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The Blackburn Family

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The Charity Motors BIG 3 BENEFITS:

1. Get Full fair-market value
2. Choose where the funds go – even your church
3. Help a low-income family with transportation

Charity Motors pays it forward every day, providing transportation to Detroit’s struggling families. 

 – Chris Stevenson
The Morning Light


Charity Motors is the only car donation program where I gave my own car.

– Bob Dutko
The Bob Dutko Show


Extreme Christmas Makeover where we surprised the Edwards Family with a car from Charity Motors!

Charity Motors
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More Testimonials!

I donated my car, sent $1600 to my church, and got a $2300 tax break. 

 – Listener James from Ypsilanti

Whoever that anonymous donor was, you don’t know what you did for our life and I pray that God blesses you like they blessed us. 

– Charity Motors car recipient, Al from Pontiac

Over $100-million given to churches, charities, and the needy in over 20 years of ministry.

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