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Check out Bob Dutko with his children sponsored through Compassion International throughout the years!

Read Bob Dutko's heart-warming Facebook post about Leslie, the first child he sponsored through Compassion International.

We release children from poverty in Jesus' name...

That is our mission, which we work to achieve through a holistic approach to child development. We carefully blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together…in Jesus’ name.

We help develop children into all God intends them to be.

Child development equips children today with skills to succeed tomorrow. Holistic child development provides opportunities that encourage the healthy development of all aspects of a child — spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically.

Holistic child development means we begin assisting a child in poverty, in some cases, when the child is still in the womb, and it means we go all the way through young adulthood with the child.

Holistic child development requires a long-term approach and goes beyond simple involvement in the life of a child. It involves long-term dedication and perseverance, and it changes as a child’s needs change. Holistic child development is tailored to a child’s age, gender, health, culture and family situation.

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