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WMUZ’s afternoon host Mike “Mac” McIntyre went to the Dominican Republic on May 22, 2017 with world relief non-profit, Compassion International.

Mac and a team of radio hosts from around the country spent 5 days sharing the culture, meeting the locals and experiencing first-hand the work that Compassion International is doing in the lives of the people in the Dominican Republic.

Mac frequently promotes Compassion International on his afternoon show “Afternoons with Mac” where listeners can sponsor a child through Compassion International from countries all over the world. Mac has travelled to Canada and Jamaica, but he couldn’t be more excited about visiting an entirely new culture with a cause that is close to his heart.

“It’s really about getting tuned in to the culture and connecting with the people living in the Dominican Republic. I consider this trip with Compassion to be a mission more than anything.”

With over 1,800 children in need of a sponsor in the Dominican Republic alone, Mac prepares to experience the conditions that these children face as they wait to be sponsored. Sponsorship includes access to Christian training through a local church, education, key life skills training and vocational programs, heath care, supplements to protect against malnutrition, recreational and social activities, protection from danger, and the love shared through the Gospel of Jesus.

Mac’s excitement and anticipation for his trip to the Dominican Republic isn’t all about experiencing the culture and engaging with the locals.

“I want to leave this country knowing it’s story and the reasons why things are the way they are.”

After Mac returns to the WMUZ studio, he wants his listeners to feel the passion he holds for giving new life to the children living in poverty, Compassion International’s mission and how they are changing lives, but most importantly, Mac wants listeners to be educated on why Compassion is in the Dominican Republic in the first place.

“I want to find answers. There are reasons why these kids are drinking dirty water and have mothers who must sell their bodies for food. I want to know the cause that is effecting thousands of children in this country.”

Although Mac knows that he won’t find answers to all his questions, he remains optimistic that this trip will educate him and in turn educate his listeners on the raw truth that makes Compassion International’s presence in the Dominican Republic so important.

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