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Our address is:
12300 Radio Drive
Detroit, MI 48228


Main Line: 313-272-3434
Studio Line: 313-838-1035


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Meet The Crew

We’re blessed to have one of the best staffs in all of radio, let alone Christian radio. Some have voices you hear regularly. Others are people who — behind the scenes — work every day to bring you indispensable, live and local Christian radio, keeping you edified, educated, up-to-date, and connected. We’re committed to bringing the Good News to Southeast Michigan and beyond.

Chris Stevenson
Chris Stevenson
Bob Dutko
Bob Dutko
Chris Ayotte
Frank Franciosi
General Manager
Kim Corbin, AE
Kim Corbin
Account Executive
Kim McMonagle
Sr. Account Executive
Keith Ward, AE
Keith Ward
Account Executive
Keith O'Connor, BDS Prooducer
Keith O'Connor
Producer, BDS

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