Weight Loss

It's not your fault you struggle to lose weight.

We are proud to announce “The Custom Health Center Virtual Weight Loss Program,” which includes:

Doctor Designed Meal Plans –

  • Nutritional Supplement Packages (shipped to your door, free of charge!)
  • Exclusive Weight Loss App 
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Video Health Coach and much more!
All for just $297 a month! (Month to Month – No Commitment)
It isn't just about cutting calories. It's about understanding the role metabolism and hormones play in losing weight. Custom Health Center has the answer.

Real Food, Real Results

At the Custom Health Centers, we'll show you how to eat well using real food you can buy at your local grocery. We'll introduce you to an assortment of delicious guilt-free food that even allows you to feed your sweet tooth occasionally. With the Custom Health Centers you don't have to choose between good tasting food and losing weight. Over the years the Custom health Center has developed a powerful program with a proven track record of helping people, including Bob, lose weight. The secret is looking at 11 different factors that stop your body from losing weight. These factors vary from person to person and without the right combination you won't reach your goals. The Custom Health Center Virtual weight loss program kick starts your metabolism, putting your body in fat burning mode so you lose weight without being hungry. It’s YOUR turn to lose weight with the plan that Bob used and thousands of other WMUZ listeners have done. The time has come for you to win your weight loss battle once and for all. We’re eager to help you so fill out the form and let’s started.
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