The Natural Thyroid Doctor


I went to a seminar and signed up to have tests done. I’m feeling great. I don’t have the symptoms. I don’t have the fatigue anymore. If you’re suffering from any of the things you hear on the radio, he can help you. – Listener Dan Saylor

I had been struggling with thyroid issues for over 10 years, been to a regular doctor and never felt good. Now that I’ve been going through the process with Dr Sladic, … I have so much energy. Now… I feel better. Wow! This is what life is supposed to be like! – Listener Melissa

Dr Sladic wants you to recognize the symptoms of low thyroid: cold hands, cold feet, low energy, thinning hair, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances. Come to Dr Sladic’s free seminar for my listeners! – Chris Stevenson, The Morning Light

 All WMUZ listeners who come to Dr. Sladic’s seminar will receive a free copy of his book, ‘Doctor’s guide to end your thyroid problems: discover what your doctor is missing’
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