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The health and safety of patients are the at the very top of the list for the Elite Smile Center

When you get there, you’re going to find that Dr. Niazi has made a substantial investment in equipment designed to keep the practice as clean as possible, including hand-held sterilization lights that kill all bacteria and viruses, state of the art air cleaners that use patented plasma coils that kill any and all pathogens that pass through it, and for every procedure the Elite Smile Center will be using the intra-oral DryShield system which uses high-volume suction to remove any aerosols inside the oral cavity thereby containing any vapor particles that might hold pathogens.

In other words, the Elite Smile Center is, and will be kept, clean as a whistle.

Call 248-299-8300 or use the form on this page to schedule your appointment.  We want to make sure you keep your Elite Smile.

The best way to start Elite Smiling is to take advantage of the Elite Smile Plan

Elite Smile Center Rochester Hall of Fame AwardThe Elite Smile Plan is what other Morning Light listeners use to keep their Elite Smiles bright.  See, we made special arrangements with Dr. Niazi so that you can get special pricing and payment plans on things like orthodontics, including Invisalign clear braces, and on Advanced Power Zoom whitening. And as a new patient, you and your whole family are eligible for free teeth whitening for life with your first regular cleaning, X-Rays and exam.

All brand new WMUZ listeners who become patients of the Elite Smile Center get their first cleaning, and exam for just $79. Download the coupon below.  Dr. Niazi has an Elite Smile Plan appointment waiting for you when you call 248-299-8300.

Are you Elite Smiling yet?

The Elite Smile Plan is ...

Special Pricing/Payment Plans for WMUZ Radio Listeners on things like Lumineers®, Orthodontics, including Invisalign® clear braces, and 
Free Teeth Whitening for Life!

An Elite Smile is a white smile! That’s why your teeth-whitening for life is free*. Or, you can opt for the Advanced Power Zoom® whitening for just $249, normally a $399 value! 

To take advantage of these great deals, you must say you want the WMUZ Elite Smile Plan. Use the form, or call 248-299-8300 and book your appointment today.

Call for your Elite Smile appointment at


Mention our name. You’ll get a good seat.

Part of the Elite Smile Plan

Especially for Morning Light listeners

Introductory Pricing

Download this coupon, and get your first cleaning, X-rays and exam for just $79. Don't forget to tell Dr. Niazi that you listen to Chris Stevenson on the Morning Light on WMUZ.

Chris Stevenson on the air

Dr. Niazi was already an advertising partner when I started here on the Morning Light way back when. I spent much of the first month or so  meeting clients, and I think it was my third week on the air when I went out to meet Dr. Niazi. At the end of the tour of his practice that morning, he put me in the dental chair in one of the exam rooms to show me some of his state-of-the-art tools. By the end of that visit, I signed up to be a patient. My wife, daughter and I have all been Elite Smiling ever since.

Chris Stevenson

Host, the Morning Light on WMUZ

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