WMUZ is pleased to welcome "Funny How Marriage Works" to Detroit's Second Ebenezer Baptist Church

This Sweetest Day, WMUZ is pleased to welcome nationally known comedian Michael Jr. and marriage experts Dave and Ann Wilson together in Detroit. Part comedy show, part concert, Funny How Marriage Works is rocket fuel for your marriage, and we encourage you to come join us on October 19th at Kensignton Church in Lake Orion.

Learn more below or order tickets here.

This Sweetest Day, get some rocket fuel for your marriage at "Funny How Marriage Works"

WMUZ LogoWMUZ is pleased to be able to present “Funny How Marriage Works” with nationally know comedian Michael Jr. and marriage experts Dave and Ann Wilson.

On October 18th, at the historic Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit, Pastor Dave Wilson, his wife Ann and comedian Michael Jr. will team up for an intensive workshop that will give a rocket fuel for your marriage.

Part comedy show, part concert, Funny How Marriage Works will show you the secrets to a happy marriage as you laugh and learn about love.

Use the promo code LOVE when you order tickets at FunnyHowMarriageWorks.com

Learn the Art of Marriage with Dave and Ann Wilson

Here's where we'll be...

Michael’s entry into comedy was almost preordained. Years ago in a crowded Grand Rapids, Michigan movie theater, the projector malfunctioned. The film snapped, the house lights came on, and acting on a dare, young Michael jumped in front of the restless crowd and took center stage. When the theater manager tried to usher him out, the audience demanded he stay… and Michael Jr. discovered his gift.

Michael Jr.

Dave and Ann Wilson are co-founders of Kensington Church, a national, multi-campus church that hosts more than 14,000 attendees every weekend, and authors of Vertical Marriage. For the past twenty-five years, they have been featured speakers at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember®, and have also hosted their own marriage conferences across the country.

Dave and Ann Wilson

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