The past year and a half has been a season of so much loss...lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost income, lost confidence, lost connection. To help us all heal from the trauma that we've all experienced, we need family. We took for granted what it means to get together with family. 


But we all agree the emptiness of last year was heart-wrenching. A lot of families didn’t get together, which now puts extra pressure on making sure this Thanksgiving is a truly special gathering of families to give thanks for God’s blessings. But, for some families who are doing their best just to get through these persistent hard times, this Thanksgiving is shaping up to the latest example of a disappointing loss.

Continuing their tradition of giving back to the community, John Cueter and the staff at Brighton Ford are teaming up to provide 4 families (up to 8 people each) with a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner including a turkey, side dishes, stuffing, even linens and all the trimmings, courtesy of Angel Food Catering.

We’re looking for families who have had an especially hard time through everything we’ve gone through these past many months. If you’re on this page you have a family in mind. They may be your neighbor, or someone at church, maybe it’s someone in your family…or maybe YOU need a little help right now.

Whoever you’re thinking of, just fill out the form on this page and tell us the family that God has put on your heart. We’re looking for families who could use a little help to ensure this Thanksgiving is a special day of gathering and giving thanks.

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