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Silent Auction Items

Auction Item: Lithograph “Dream Cruise”  (Illustrated for Readers Digest Music 1987)

Artist Name:  Chuck Gillies

Approximate Value: $2500

Minimum Bid: $100

About The Artist:   Chuck has illustrated over 80 Book covers and two complete Children's Books. He has also made hundreds of paintings for trading card companies. His acrylic paintings continue to be featured on books, prints, posters, and trading cards, as they have been for more than 40 years. Chuck is also a portrait painter whose commissions include portraits for Lee Iacocca, Mike Ilitch, Deacon Jones Foundation and many others. His work has appeared in The Society of Illustrators Annual, American Illustration Annual, and Spectrum Annual. Chuck has also participated in many gallery shows including three at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan.
Auction Item: Painting “A River Runs Through It”

Artist Name: Moniquee Sobocinski

Approximate Value: $500 Minimum Bid: $100

About The Artist: Moniquee is an interior designer with 20+ years of experience in the art and design field. A long time love of art and design and a background in fine art led her to the field of Interior Design. For her, design is about creating beautiful, useable spaces no matter how big or small!

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