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Detroit Receiving Hospital

The News About the Detroit Medical Centers Keeps Getting Worse

The DMC continues to get cited for infection controls issues by the State of Michigan. That means if you’ve been a patient at the DMC hospitals, like Detroit Receiving, Harper or Hutzel, and you contracted an infection you expect to contract, you may have a case. Contact Goodwin and Scieszka immediately. They investigate your claim, and if they find the DMC was negligent, they work to secure fair and just compensation for your injury.

You can access articles about DMC’s troubles with the state here, here, here and here.

The United States is the developed world’s most dangerous place to give birth

USA Today has published an investigative report showing how hospitals across the country aren’t performing simple safety practices which are known to head off injury and mothers’ death in childbirth. You can read their report here.

If you suspect something went wrong in the delivery room, with Mom’s prenatal care or after your baby was born, contact Scott Goodwin and Jim Scieszka immediately. There are time limits, and you don’t want to lose your chance for justice and fair and full compensation for your injury. Scott and Jim have been fighting for the rights of WMUZ listeners since 1986. They’ll fight for yours, too.



Dog bites are a serious issue for the victims and a serious issue for their communities.

Scott Goodwin explains in the video below…

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