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If you have to hire a personal injury attorney, you may as well hire the best one.
Put Goodwin and Scieszka on your side.

Thank you for everything you did for us. There is no more out of pocket bills that need to get paid. If ever we need a lawyer in the future, you will be our first choice.
Thank you again.

—Tom B. and family

“As always Scott, great job. You do it the right way and your clients are lucky to have you.”

—David B., defense attorney for the negligent driver, in an email to Scott Goodwin after a recent case in which Goodwin & Scieszka secured a $350,000 award to the victim in the accident.

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Call any time, day or night 1-888-GOODWIN (1-888-466-3946). And remember, there are no legal fees unless and until Goodwin and Scieszka win your case.

A letter from a satisfied client

This is a screenshot of a letter of thanks from another satisfied client of the Goodwin and Scieszka Law Center:

Letter of appreciation



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