In most car dealerships different people can pay different prices for the very same car.

Except, of course, at Gordon Chevrolet

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Let’s say two people buy identical models of the same car.  One of  them can walk out feeling like this:

Unhappy customer

And the other one can feel like this:

Happy customer

The difference?

Their ability to negotiate.  Guess which one’s better.

See, at Gordon Chevrolet, everybody’s a good negotiator. That’s because Gordon always gives you their best price right up front — no hassling, no negotiating needed.

The reason is that none of Gordon’s salespeople are paid on commission, so they have no reason to try to jack up the price.  They’re paid to make you happy.

So next time, buy your next car from Gordon Chevrolet. You’ll feel like this guy:

Leaping for joy

Now, if you want to tell people you got a great deal at Gordon Chevrolet because of your superb negotiating skills, well, that’s your business.

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Happy Kristen
Steve Maurer of Gordon Chevrolet
I’ve been working at Gordon Chevrolet for 9 glorious years!! Many of my WMUZ listeners have become like family — not only do I get to help them with their new cars but very often their spouses and children. I had one client who purchased four Silverados and several vehicles for his wife. Many of my WMUZ clients share their faith journey — I always enjoy that. This Chevrolet facility is filled with employees and customers of strong faith and is one of the many reasons I love to work here.

— Steve Maurer, Gordon Chevrolet employee

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