Grace and Mercy Driving School


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MICHIGAN DEFENSIVE DRIVER COURSE is used as part of your training, whether it’s for refresher or beginning, and will present you with information to help you become a safer and better driver. This course can also be used as a Basic Driver Improvement Class where the State of Michigan now allows eligible drivers to complete a basic driver improvement course to avoid points acquired from traffic tickets. If you complete this course within 60 days of your notice from the state, the insurance company will not see your recent tickets as part of your driving record and and therefore won’t have a reason to raise your insurance premiums. Cost: Just $99!


It’s the law.

Anyone under 18 years of age cannot get a driver’s license in Michigan, unless and until they’ve received professional driving instruction.

The Grace and Mercy Driving School is the official driving school of Sunday Praise & Worship with Chris Stevenson.

Grace and Mercy has classes for teenage and adult student drivers.  Students can choose between one-on-one instruction or group instruction in a classroom setting.

About Grace and Mercy Driving School

Grace and Mercy owner Jeff Henry worked for the nation’s largest driving school for years.  In 2006, Jeff struck out on his own seeing a need for a low-cost alternative for driving instruction.  And Grace and Mercy Driving School was born.  Since then he’s adhered to his mission: Professional driving instruction at a lower cost.

To find out about class availability and to register, fill out the form, or call 586-239-9213.


We’re not afraid to show Grace and Mercy’s pricing

It’s the lowest in town.

Teen Classes

SEGMENT I – (3 week class) $275

SEGMENT II – (3 day class) $50

Adult Classes

$50 per class (minimum of two classes)

$350 for an 8-hour package (a savings of $50)


Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card accepted