Robert Morris Ministries Discovering God’s Word Devotional

This devotional is the start of your journey to discovering the true meaning of Psalm 119 and what it means to delight in God’s Word.

Love Worth Finding Good Morning Lord Devotional

Start each day with the risen Son. GOOD MORNING, LORD, the new 365-day devotional from Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers will shine new light on your time alone with God and His Word. 

Truth For Life Bible Reading Calender

This easy-to-use daily Bible reading plan will guide you through four passages from Scripture each day, giving you a road map for reading the entire Bible over the course of the year. 

Lutheran Hour Ministries

How Christians order their days and connect with relatives and housemates is a critical aspect of spiritual growth. Those rituals and routines nurture the faith of those in the home. Explore the power of messy prayers, loud tables, and open doors with Households of Faith.

Living God Ministries

Excerpt from booklet, A New Start by Aaron Budjen, Living God Ministries

“Life is filled with times of change. The happiness we find in life can be heavily influenced by how we navigate through times of change. Annual milestones, such as new calendar years, are normally times when we make decisions to redefine our lives. “

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