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Bob says,

A trained eye, like those the skilled professionals at Help to Seniors have, know the tell-tale signs that can predict when an older person is more likely to be the victim of a fall. And that’s one of the many reasons I’m thrilled to have Help to Seniors as an advertising partner. They can look at your aging parents and tell by the way they’re walking, for example, how much of a fall risk there is.  They’ll also be able to recommend and carry out the appropriate physical therapy — in concert with your doctor — that can improve their ability to walk, as well as any other physical decline there might be to generally improve their quality of living. And who doesn’t want to have the best quality of life for themselves and loved ones for as long as possible? The great thing is, much of what Help to Seniors provides can happen at little to no cost to you or your loved one. So I encourage you to contact them for that free screening to see how Help to Seniors can help you and your loved one. You can simply fill out the form on this page, or call them at 1-833-NURSE-00.”

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Disabled persons requiring assistance with the Public File should contact:
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