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Chris Stevenson recently spoke with Families against Narcotics Director of Operations Dunya Barash on the Morning Light.

Interview with Families Against Narcotics Director of Operations Dunya Barash
Bridging the Gaps:
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What Is It?

Hope Not Handcuffs is an initiative launched by Families Against Narcotics (FAN) in 2017. The program is a collaborative effort between FAN, law enforcement, and community organizations to find viable treatment options for individuals seeking help to reduce their dependence on prescription medication, alcohol, heroin, or other drugs. It is a solution.

How It Works

A person struggling with any substance use disorder can come to any of the participating police agencies or community partners and ask for help. They will be greeted with support, compassion, and respect. If accepted into the program, the individual will be guided through a brief intake process to ensure proper treatment placement. See videos below.

Hope Not Handcuffs is available at 120+ police agencies and community partners in Michigan and at 60+ New York locations.


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Disabled persons requiring assistance with the Public File should contact Linda Martens 313-272-3434, ext. 135.