K-Blend is like taking a sledgehammer

to the chains of depression and suicidal ideation



It’s time to stop looking. If you want to find yourself again, live with an improved quality of life, and thrive like never before, the answer is here. We understand where you are.

We’ve seen it all. From active suicidal thoughts to debilitating trauma that pulls you down and holds you hostage. From anxiety and panic attacks that paralyze to pain so severe the pain scales failed a long time ago. From addiction that erases memories to depression that erases days. We understand where you are.

Listen (again) to Complete Ketamine’s recent Home and Health episodes:

November 26, 2022, Guests: Nick, Kelly, & Chris Stevenson;
Topics: Depression & Anxiety

November 19, 2022, Guests: Tisha, Wes, & Gayle;
Topics: Anxiety, Pain & PTSD

November 16, 2022 Chris Stevenson’s K-Belnd Interview with Steve from Huntington Beach, California

October 29, 2022, Guests: Daniel, Marie, Miguel, Mikala and Tim;
Topics: Pain Management and Depression

October 8, 2022, Guest: Chris;
Topics: Anxiety and Depression

September 10. 2022, Guests: Miguel and Alicia;
Topics:  Pain, Depression, PTSD

August 27, 2022, Guests: Dan, Wes, and Miguel;
Topics:  Bipolar, Addiction, Pain Management, Depression

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