K-Blend is like taking a sledghammer to depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, and drug addiction

It’s time to stop looking. If you want to find yourself again, live with an improved quality of life, and thrive like never before, the answer is here. We understand where you are.

We’ve seen it all. From active suicidal thoughts to debilitating trauma that pulls you down and holds you hostage. From anxiety and panic attacks that paralyze to pain so severe the pain scales failed a long time ago. From addiction that erases memories to depression that erases days. We understand where you are.

Find hope here. Let us show you how.

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"They're incredible, they're so passionate about what they do, they spend so much time with the patients, getting to know them and their stories."

As heard on The Morning Light with Chris Stevenson

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Suicidal Thoughts

Here is the extraordinary K-Blend success story from Crystal Burns to Chris Stevenson on The Morning Light

"Over the past couple years I've had some declining health...seeing specialist after specialist. I had just accepted that my life was always going to be really hard.

I heard about the Ketamine, and did my research... and it took me a few weeks to think, well maybe there's a chance something could work for me.

I am only 3 treatments in.. and after my first infusion, what I experienced since that day was a settling from the inside of me. Anxiety that I have had my whole life was touched and settled and that has not returned."

Crystal Burns, Quinton Michigan

Break the chains

Taking a sledgehammer to your depression





We are dedicated to providing our clients safe, individualized and medically proven therapies in a comfortable environment monitored by experienced, board-certified anesthesia providers.

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatment has been called the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of mood and pain disorders in decades. Learn more today.

IV Vitamin Infusions

IV vitamin therapy provides  direct absorption of vitamins and minerals, which are utilized more effectively than taking vitamins by mouth. 

Rapid Opioid Detox

The providers at Complete Ketamine have developed a successful opioid detox procedure, relieving you from opioid addiction in only 3 days!

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