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Mark will guarantee to sell your home in 90 days, or you keep Mark's commission!

Call Mark and start packing! This the only real estate broker with the money-back guarantee to sell your home in 90 days. Mark’s experience with over 28 years in real estate will also find you the perfect home anywhere in the metro Detroit area.  Watch your home sell for top dollar fast and find your new home with Mark Lamphier realty.

The Mark Lamphier Realty 90-Day Guarantee:

“Sell your home in 90 days guaranteed or you keep our commission.”

— Mark Lamphier


My house sold so fast – 4 days, that now I’m trying to get everything together and find a condo. – Listener Karen from Sterling Heights


Our house ended up selling a lot faster than normal. – Listener Curtis from Clarkston


We had an accepted offer in 3 days and closed in 11 days! – Listeners Mario and Amira, now Florida residents


We got two offers for the same asking price – and they sold it within a month. – Listener Merlin from Sterling Heights


Sell your home in 90 days with Main Street Realty’s 90-day guarantee! – Bob Dutko, The Bob Dutko Show

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